Circulating System Philosophy

The Blue Whale Circulating System Philosophy is a set of rules, procedures and techniques to attain an energy efficient system. Some of these are:
  • All bodies of water delivered to the filter pump are acquired via skimmers, only.
  • Determine how many gallons per minute is required for each system.
  • Optimizing surface circulation is a major goal.
  • Linear circulation is recommended.
  • High flow rates cut down on bacteria colonization.
  • Establisha 2 ½” manifold as the main delivery pipe to the various functions.
  • Avoid inserting components directly in line with the main manifold.
  • All main drains are functionally disabled thereby saving lives and money.
  • Maintain a dummy main drain for construction purposes.
  • The flow rate, velocity, turnover rate, pump wattage, are recorded parameters.
  • On a two skimmer system, “Tee” into the center of the connecting pipe so as to have an equal distance from each skimmer
  • When using two skimmers on a circle rotate the second 90 degrees from the other
  • Place skimmers as close to pump as possible.
  • Delete all suction devices
  • Utilize pressure type cleaners only.
  • Install a flow meter on the pressure side to determine flow rate and velocity.
  • Use the sample configurations as a guide to construct your system.

Benefits of Circulating Philosophy

  • Provide a safe source of water acquisition
  • Increase flow rate dramatically
  • Lower the electric bill significantly
  • Produceturnover rates between 2 to 3 hours
  • Lowers the horse power for primary pump
  • Eliminate pool cleaner pump
  • Operate at lower pressures
  • Longer lasting skimmer baskets and filter elements
  • Reduce the chlorine demand
  • Avoids variable speed pumps
  • Multiple functions using one pump simultaneously
  • Lowers construction costs
  • Virtually an indestructible skimmer
  • One Blue Whale Skimmer™ far exceeds performance of two conventional skimmers
  • More Water Processed Per Unit Time Per Kilowatt Hour

Conventional skimmers are flawed in many ways. They cannot supply more than 40 to 50GPM and a cause of frequent basket replacement. When the basket is full, the flow rate is decreased and the basket is stressed to destruction. Bottom loaded ports are prone to create leaks and thousands of installed skimmers are replaced yearly. Improperly matched systems stress skimmers to destructions.